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Classroom tools that work

Lesson plans, hall passes, sign out sheets, and more. Our tools will make your class run smoothly

Strategies you'll use

Whether you need to jumpstart conversations, or keep students engaged, our strategies help.

Make teaching easier

With phone logs, sub plans, and daily reflections, we'll help make your job just a bit easier.

Everything, except your Teacher of the Year acceptance speech.

We’ve worked with our veteran teachers to pack our kit full of everything you’ll need. From classroom staples like phone logs and sign out sheets, to strategies for when your lessons run short, students need independent work time, or you’re just looking for a way to increase student writing.

Nuts and Bolts (Manual)

Start fresh with this how-to guide on classroom set-up, rules, routines, grading, and more.

Every Minute Counts: Whole Group (card set + virtual version)

Activities for the whole class when your lesson ends early.

Student Support Sheets (digital download)

Document student progress, accommodations, and behavior with ease.

Start Talking (Card set x3 plus virtual version)

Jumpstart communication with sentence starters that encourage the use of academic language.

Every Minute Counts: Independent (card set + virtual version)

Activities for students who finish early.

Sub Plan Folder

Make sub-days work for you by providing substitutes with procedures and plans for a successful day.

Active Reading Strategies (card set)

Involve students in reading with strategies to improve comprehension.

Phone Log (notepad)

Record pertinent information during phone conversations.

Passes (dry-erase passes)

Durable and reusable passes printed on dry-erase material.

Dynamic Writing Strategies (card set)

Engage students in writing across curricula.

Daily Reflection (journal)

Set goals that cultivate continuous improvement.

Make it a Good Day (notepad)

Empower yourself with a daily to-do list that helps you avoid burnout.

Active Response Cards (card set)

Engage students through verbal, action, and written responses.

Lesson Plan Template (digital download)

Design effective lessons using research-validated techniques.

Student Sign-Out Sheet (digital download)

Know students' whereabouts in the school.

Quick Chat (notepad + digital download)

Build accountability with students by noting teacher/student discussions.

Parent Teacher Conference Form (digital download)

Record important details along with next steps.

Student of the Week Poster (digital download)

Celebrate the unique qualities of each student.

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Teaching Essentials Kit - Complete Kit
Teaching Essentials Kit - Active Engagement

Active Engagement


The Active Engagement Teaching Essentials Kit Bundle includes three sets of cards built upon the idea that teachers need activities that do not require a great amount of time to implement while helping all learners in all grade levels and academic areas be engaged in their learning.

Every Minute Counts


The Every Minute Counts bundle includes activities to fill time once a student or class finishes work with little time left on the clock. These activities supports academics, build class unity and encourage mindfulness.

Teaching Essentials - Mindful Educator

Mindful Educator


The Mindful Educator bundle helps to take time to reflect on the day and the week. What are the weekly goals and necessities? What will make it a successful day? A successful week? And, how can accomplishments be reflected on? 

Teaching Essentials - Start Talking

Start Talking


The Start Talking 3 Pack is a way to address student struggles in the areas of written and verbal conversation by including a card-deck of sentence starters to help in the acquisition of both oral and written language.

Teaching Essentials - Sub Folders

Sub Folder


Make sub-days work for you by providing substitutes with procedures and plans for a successful day. Special discounts on bulk orders of sub folders.

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