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Work-Based Learning (WBL) Guidebook to Program Implementation (Downloadable PDF)

Work-Based Learning (WBL) Guidebook to Program Implementation (Downloadable PDF)

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The ESC 13 Work-Based Learning (WBL) Guidebook to Program Implementation is a must-have for teachers, counselors, or administrators who want to deepen their classroom and campus career connections. In this handbook, you will:
  • Learn about the TEA guidelines governing WBL.
  • Find K - 12 curriculum career awareness and exploration resources and curriculum.
  • Best practices and templates to help you better manage your career development classes, such as career preparation, practicum, and project-based learning
  • Discover instructional safety resources to protect your students on the job. 


ESF Alignment 

Supports Lever 4.1 - Daily use of high-quality instructional materials aligned to instructional planning calendars and interim and formative assessments 

Supports Lever 5 - Effective Instruction

Digital Download, 76 pages.
The Work-Based Learning (WBL) Guidebook to Program Implementation was produced and is maintained by the Career & Technical Education team at Region 13.
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