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Turnaround Leader 360 Feedback Assessment (Online Survey)

Turnaround Leader 360 Feedback Assessment (Online Survey)

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The Turnaround Leader 360 Feedback Assessment is designed to provide developmental feedback on the degree to which a school leader demonstrates research-based turnaround leader actions and turnaround leader competencies. The feedback includes observations and perceptions of a select group of direct reports, peers, a supervisor, and the leader’s self-assessment.

The mobile-ready, online survey consists of fill-in-the-blank narrative questions and 45 Likert scale questions that are answered by selecting radio buttons. There are also optional text boxes to provide additional comments. It will take approximately 20 minutes to complete the survey. Users have the option to save current work and return to finish the survey at a later time.

Leaders will have access to both the Facilitator Guide and the Participant Workbook. The Participant Workbook provides leaders with guidance on how to interpret 360 feedback and establish personal development goals on their own while the Facilitator Guide is available for a supervisor or coach to provide facilitated reflection and feedback.

The objective of the 360 process is to provide turnaround school leaders with insights into their leader actions and competencies from colleagues they interact with in a variety of professional settings, and to use that information to craft personalized development goals.

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ESF Alignment

Supports Lever 1.1 - Develop campus instructional leaders (principal, assistant principal, teacher leaders) with clear roles and responsibilities


The Turnaround Leader 360 Feedback Assessment tool was developed in partnership with Public Impact. Public Impact's mission is to dramatically improve learning outcomes for all children in the U.S., with a special focus on students who are not served well. Our work is designed to contribute to dramatic improvements in the quality of education and related policy supports in the United States. We are a team of professionals from many backgrounds, including former teachers. We are researchers, thought leaders, policy experts, tool-builders, and on-the-ground consultants who work with leading education reformers. In response to the challenge of turning around chronically low-performing schools, Public Impact develops tools and provides technical assistance to states, districts, and schools.

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