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Transition Planning At-A-Glance Series: Agencies and Adult Supports (Paperback)

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Transition Planning At-A-Glance Series Bundle is the go-to resource to understand the key elements of planning for adulthood for students with disabilities. All educators, transition designees (TEDs), teachers, administrators, related service providers, evaluation specialists, and others, can use this resource to apply these key elements in their role so that every student is connected with community, career, and continued learning beyond high school.

Agencies and Adult Supports specifically covers how schools can help students with disabilities and their families make connections with the agencies that can support them in adulthood.

The At-A-Glance series provides:

  • Checklists.
  • Timelines.
  • A framework for accountability.
  • Resource lists.

Gain confidence with discussions about transition at ARD meetings, addressing questions from teachers and parents, reviewing your own programs for continuous improvement, and understanding the legal citations. 


ESF Alignment

Supports Lever 3.3 - Proactive and responsive student support services


Booklet, 4 pages, 3-hole punched

Transition Planning: At-A-Glance Series: Agencies and Adult Supports was produced and is maintained by the team of Special Education Specialists at Region 13.

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