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The Counselor's Playbook for Elementary (Downloadable PDF)

The Counselor's Playbook for Elementary (Downloadable PDF)

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The Counselor's Playbook for Elementary includes 10 engaging and interactive lessons for classroom guidance, group counseling, individual student support, and distance learning delivery options.

This playbook focuses on developing student's skills in connection, empathy, healthy coping skills, self-efficacy and self-regulation. Each skill included in the elementary toolkit has two lessons – one for primary aged students (K-2nd grade) and one for intermediate aged students (3rd-5th).

The Counselor's Playbook includes the following programming support:

  • Standards alignment to the Texas Model for Comprehensive School Counseling Program, 5th Edition.
  • Customized notes to the counselor to ensure the content meets the needs of the students, including pacing suggestions and lesson delivery steps.
  • Parent/guardian involvement (newsletter clip) to help with quick communication for the additional support and extension within the student’s home.


Downloadable PDF - 60 Pages

The Counselor's Playbook for Elementary was produced and is maintained by the Counseling Services Specialists at Region 13.

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