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T-TESS Rubric Flipchart (Spiral-Bound)

T-TESS Rubric Flipchart (Spiral-Bound)

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The T-TESS Rubric Flipchart is a quick and easy tool for administrators who have gone through T-TESS to reference when appraising teachers

Administrators can use this flipchart to connect T-TESS to domains and dimensions when meeting with teachers during:

  • Goal-setting.
  • Pre-conference meetings.
  • Post-conference meetings.
  • Classroom observations.

Teachers can also use the flipchart as a handy reference.


ESF Alignment

Supports Lever 5.2 - Build teacher capacity through observation and feedback cycles.


Spiral-bound flip chart, 30 pages

The T-TESS Rubric Flipchart was modified and is maintained by the Region 13 Educator Evaluation and Leadership Team.

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