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T-TESS Appraiser Training Guide, T-TESS Rubric, and T-TESS Rubric Flipchart

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The Appraiser Training Guide and the T-TESS Rubric are required resources for all participants enrolled in the three-day T-TESS Appraiser Training.

The T-TESS Rubric Flipchart is optional -- it is an added bonus, but not required. 

The T-TESS Appraiser Training Guide and T-TESS Rubric were crafted to enhance the T-TESS experience. They will be used during the training to help guide the application and understanding of the T-TESS domains, dimensions, descriptors, and performance levels. These resources are necessary to implement the T-TESS process as an ongoing system of feedback and support for continuous teacher growth.

The Rubric Flipchart was created as a quick easy tool to reference during goal-setting, pre-conference, and/or post-conference meetings with teachers to connect T-TESS domains and dimensions. Appraisers can take this tool with them to classroom observations. Teachers can use the flipchart as a handy reference, too.


The T-TESS Appraiser Training Guide and Rubric were developed by the Texas Education Agency and Education Service Center Region 13. The T-TESS Rubric Flipchart was originally developed by Syd Sexton Region 17, modified by the Region 13 Educator Evaluation and Leadership team. 

Appraiser Training Guide: Spiral-bound, 57 pages

T-TESS Rubric: Stapled, 18 pages 

T-TESS Rubric Flipchart: Spiral-bound 30 pages


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