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T-PESS Rubric Flipchart (Spiral-Bound)

T-PESS Rubric Flipchart (Spiral-Bound)

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The T-PESS Rubric Flipchart is a quick and easy tool to use with the updated T-PESS rubric.

Principal appraisers can reference this flipchart to connect to T-PESS domains and indicators when planning and conducting meetings with principals:

  • BOY, MOY, and EOY Conferences
  • Campus Visits
  • Informal Conferences
  • Coaching

Principals and assistant principals can also use the flipchart as a handy reference tool for their reflection, planning, and growth.


ESF Alignment

Supports Lever 1.1 - Develop campus instructional leaders (principal, assistant principal, teacher leaders) with clear roles and responsibilities

Additionally, it is aligned with the Texas Principal Standards, the T-TESS instrument, Texas Instructional Leadership components and Advancing Educational Leadership.

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