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T-PESS Appraiser Training Documents - 2020 Updated Rubric (Spiral-Bound)

T-PESS Appraiser Training Documents - 2020 Updated Rubric (Spiral-Bound)

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The T-PESS Appraiser Training Documents includes the required resources for appraisers of principals using the updated T-PESS rubric. Each document is tabbed for easy reference within a glossy coil bound book. This book will serve as place to highlight and make notes during the training as well as  a reference tool during implementation of T-PESS, The included documents are:

  • T-PESS Rubric (updated 2020)
  • Principal Handbook
  • Principal Self-Assessment and Goal Setting Document
  • Principal Appraiser Handbook
  • Principal Appraiser Forms
  • Case studies

Each of these documents was crafted to enhance the T-PESS experience, and will be used during the training to help guide the application and understanding of the T-PESS domains, dimensions, descriptors, and performance levels as well as the process for implementing evaluation and support of principals.


The updated T-PESS rubric supports all 5 levers of the Effective School Framework.


Spiral-Bound, 124 Pages

The T-PESS Appraiser Training Documents was modified and is maintained by the Region 13 Educator Evaluation and Leadership Team.

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