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Start Talking 3 Pack - Teaching Essentials (Card-Set Plus Virtual Tool)

Start Talking 3 Pack - Teaching Essentials (Card-Set Plus Virtual Tool)

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The Start Talking 3-Pack provides academic language-rich sentence starters, organized in four easy categories to enrich academic conversations and written assignments for students. It's the ultimate tool to guide students who find themselves stuck in conversations or written assignments.  

Included in this bundle are three uniquely bound sets, plus the Start Talking Virtual Edition. Each set includes:

  • Sentence Starters - Focuses on Bloom’s Taxonomy.
  • Accountable Talk - Sentence starters to help improve academic conversations.
  • Question Starters - Help students think critically and problem solve.
  • Subject Specific - Content-area specific sentence starters.


3x Start Talking, Screw Post Card-Set, 34 Cards Each, 4" x 6"
Start Talking, Virtual Tool, 33 Pages

The Start Talking 3 Pack was produced and is maintained by the Strategic Instruction team at Region 13.

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