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Spanish Word Study Cards - Phonics and Morphology (Downloadable PDFs)

Spanish Word Study Cards - Phonics and Morphology (Downloadable PDFs)

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Spanish Word Study Cards make word study practice a snap with phonics and morphology cards.

Word study instruction is most powerful when it’s meaningful and hands-on. These phonics and morphology cards are a simple tool that can be used for modeling word work and provide opportunities for independent practice. Quick tips for how to use the cards are included with each set.

This digital download comes ready for printing on 8.5"x11" paper in two separate documents, including:

  • 159 phonics cards (letters, syllables, and diphthongs) - to be printed single-sided
  • 25 morphology cards (key words and definitions) - to be printed double-sided.

Here is a sheet of activities for you to use in your classroom.


ESF Alignment

Supports Lever 5.2 - Effective classroom routines and instructional strategies


2 downloadable PDFs, varying lengths

Spanish Word Study Cards were developed and are maintained by the Region 13 Multilingual Language and Learning Support team. 

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