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Spanish High-Frequency Words: K-2 Bundle (Downloadable PDFs)

Spanish High-Frequency Words: K-2 Bundle (Downloadable PDFs)

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Includes Spanish High-Frequency Words for grades Kinder, 1st, and 2nd.

Spanish High-Frequency Words cards help build high-frequency word vocabulary, improving recall and recognition of commonly used words in Spanish. Teachers can use these cards on classroom word walls as well as for large and small group instruction.

Instructional Tips

  • Introduce words in groups of five to seven words or fewer per week.
  • Allow students to write the words as often as possible. They may practice individual words or write high-frequency word sentences.
  • Allow students to practice using the words orally as well. Sentence stems can be used to facilitate the use of the high-frequency words.
  • Conduct informal assessments using the high-frequency words. When a student has memorized a word, meaning he or she can read it without decoding or write it without seeing the word, check the word off and move on to the next word.

Spanish High-Frequency Words are also sold individually. See links below:


ESF Alignment

Supports Lever 5.2 - Effective classroom routines and instructional strategies


3 downloadable PDFs, varying lengths

Spanish High-Frequency Words were developed and are maintained by the Region 13 Multilingual Language and Learning Support team.

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