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SLAR TEKS Handbook: K-5 (Downloadable PDF)

SLAR TEKS Handbook: K-5 (Downloadable PDF)

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The new Spanish Language Arts and Reading (SLAR) TEKS Handbook provides a vertical alignment of standards from Kinder through 5th grade with a preview of 6th grade.

Teachers using this resource will be able to see multiple grade levels on the same page, making note of what students learned in the previous grade level and how the TEKS progresses throughout the elementary grades. Its SLAR/ELAR side-by-side feature allows for teachers who use the SLAR TEKS the opportunity to collaborate with teachers who use the ELAR TEKS by conveniently showing the differences in an accessible chart. 

The handbook includes:
  • Introductions to understand some of the changes done in the new TEKS.
  • SLAR/ELAR side-by-side comparisons to identify where the SLAR standards differ from ELAR.
  • Grouped sections to show TEKS that are repeated across multiple grade levels. 

The SLAR handbook facilitates an increased awareness across grade-level student expectations and ensures that teachers are aware of the progression and variations within the new SLAR TEKS.


ESF Alignment

Supports Lever 4.1 - Daily use of high-quality instructional materials aligned to instructional planning calendars and interim and formative assessments


Downloadable PDF, 28 pages

The SLAR TEKS Handbook was produced and is maintained by the team of Multilingual Language and Learning Support Specialists at Region 13.

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