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Canciones y rondas infantiles - Student Version (5-Pack Saddle-Stitched Books)

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The Canciones y rondas infantiles is a compilation of many of the traditional songs that are sung in Latin America and in bilingual classrooms in the US.
Teachers using this resource will notice the reader-friendly print and animated illustrations that help our young learners connect print and speech. The Canciones y rondas infantiles includes:
  • 5 copies (8" x 12") on hardy card-stock, designed for student use.
  • 20 authentic songs.
  • Various language structures to support oracy development.
  • Playful nursery rhymes that encourage interaction and play such as A la víbora de la mar, Arroz con leche.
  • TEKS alignment provided to support instructional integration of this resource.
We know this resource will provide authentic language structures to support oral language development through vocabulary development and dialogue.
¡A cantar se dijo!

Saddle-Stitched, 8" x 12", 32 pages, 5 Booklets

The Canciones y rondas infantiles was produced and is maintained by the team of Multilingual Language and Learning Support  Specialists at Region 13.

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