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Science STAAR Power: Grade 8 (Downloadable PDF)

Science STAAR Power: Grade 8 (Downloadable PDF)

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Does preparing students for the STAAR test have to be an endless stream of worksheets and released questions? Absolutely not! We know that the Science STAAR tests cover a multitude of disciplines and can cause students to struggle as they work toward mastery of the content. To help students and teachers conquer this task, we have created a set of engaging, interactive activities that can be used to help students activate prior knowledge. The activities can be completed individually, with a partner, or in small groups.


This digital download includes:

  • TEKS-aligned activities created for each reporting category based on regional STAAR data.
  • An activity overview to help the teacher with set-up and facilitation.
  • A student sheet that guides students through the activity.
  • Corresponding resources for each activity.
  • A teacher answer key that can be used to assess student mastery. 


As your students take on the challenge of completing these activities, they will build confidence, reinforce prior learning, and work toward mastery. As the teacher, you will be able to conduct informal assessments and determine areas where students may need additional support. 

Note: This collection of activities is not intended to cover all of the standards that are assessed on the Science STAAR test.



Supports Lever 4.1 - Daily use of high-quality instructional materials aligned to instructional planning calendars and interim and formative assessments 

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