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ELPS Toolkit (Spiral-Bound)

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The ELPS Toolkit is the industry standard for empowering teachers to integrate the English Language Proficiency Standards (ELPS) when planning lessons and delivering instruction to students acquiring English.

Teachers using this resource will notice it is both user-friendly and comprehensive, giving teachers the opportunity to explore a wide-range of model lessons and activities that maximize language acquisition for students acquiring English. The toolkit includes:

  • a listing of the ELPS - structured to help teachers embed opportunities for listening, speaking, reading, and writing into lesson planning.
  • QR codes linking to videos that showcase teachers moving theory to practice.
  • interactive strategies for developing academic language.guidelines for integrating the 7 major components of sheltered instruction.
  • The ELPS Toolkit was produced and is maintained by the team of Bilingual & ESL Specialists at Region 13.

Spiral-bound, 86 pages

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