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Early Childhood Circle Time Flip Charts (Set of Posters)

Early Childhood Circle Time Flip Charts (Set of Posters)

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The Early Childhood Circle Time Flip Charts include 9 posters that each depict one activity commonly taught during circle time, as well as a Supplemental Materials Packet and an Instructional Guide.

Educators can develop expertise in implementing these posters by taking the online course Early Childhood Circle Time Success: Decrease Behavior, Increase Engagement (linked above).

Activities (posters) include:

  • Opening Song
  • Student Sign In
  • Calendar
  • Story
  • Song Choice
  • Social Skills
  • Weather
  • Surprise Sound
  • Center Choice.

Teachers purchasing this resource should keep in mind that there are materials in the Supplemental Materials packet that should be laminated to ensure that this resource can be used for years to come.

  1. Place velcro (not included) in the appropriate places to make the flip charts interactive for your students. Place soft (female) velcro in the flip chart, and rough (male) velcro on the supplemental materials to increase longevity.

This product is an example of the evidence based practice, Visual Supports, and is appropriate for ECSE (Early Childhood Special Education), Pre-K early childhood, Head Start and childcare centers. They are also available in a Spanish Language Version


ESF Alignment

Supports Lever 5.1 - Effective classroom routines and instructional strategies


10 11"x17" posters
Supplemental materials, 17 pages
Instruction Sheets, 9 pages
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