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Elementary STEM Camp - Powerful Playground (Digital Download)

Elementary STEM Camp - Powerful Playground (Digital Download)

  • $ 3000


One of the best parts of an elementary student's day is the time spent on the playground at recess. It's an opportunity to be active, socialize, and explore their environment. This STEM camp offers students the opportunity to design the perfect playground while studying how a flow of electricity can produce heat, light, and sound!

This camp includes

  • sample schedules for implementation
  • lesson plans
  • presentation materials
  • video content
  • a complete materials list (materials must be ordered separately)

The four components of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) have been integrated into the camp to "provide a cross-disciplinary experience designed for students to solve problems and gain real-world insights" as outlined by the STEM Blueprint.

STEM essentials that have been incorporated into the camp include:

  • An explicit learning outcome
  • The engineering design process
  • problem-based learning
  • student autonomy
  • rigorous learning
  • school and industry partnerships
  • personalized instruction.

A complete materials list is included with purchase included. For purchasers using Amazon, a pre-built list with suggested materials is available here!


This product was developed by the Advanced Academics and Curriculum Resources team at Region 13.

Video, 2:22 long

3 downloadable PDFs, varying lenghts

2 PowerPoint presentations

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