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New Teacher Behavior Academy

New Teacher Behavior Academy

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Additional Teachers
Base price includes on-site visits, virtual visits, plus 6 self-paced online courses for a single teacher. Campuses may add up to four additional teachers for $250 each. 


One of the top struggles facing new teachers is classroom management and how to respond effectively to student behaviors. The Behavior Team at Region 13 has developed a New Teacher Behavior Academy to provide additional support to those new teachers. Our goal is to provide support for retaining teachers in the education profession. Region 13 will collaborate with campus administration on the goal for the onsite coaching visits.

The New Teacher Behavior Academy includes 

Post-Purchase Steps...

Region 13's Behavior Support Team will reach out to you shortly after your purchase to set up your academy. If you have any questions in the meantime, you can email our product store at



Supports Lever 3.2 - Explicit behavioral expectations and management systems for students and staff

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