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Every Minute Counts Bundle - Teaching Essentials (Card-Set Plus Virtual Tool)

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The Every Minute Counts Bundle includes activities to fill time once a student or class finishes work with a little time left on the clock. These activities support instruction, build class unity, and encourage mindfulness. Included in the bundle is:

    • Every Minute Counts: Independent - Activities students may do individually when they finish before their classmates.
    • Every Minute Counts: Whole Group - Activities the entire class may do when a little time is left on the clock.

    Every Minute Counts: Independent, Card-Set, 12 Cards, 5.5" x 8.5"
    Every Minute Counts: Independent, Virtual Tool, 12 Pages
    Every Minute Counts: Whole Group, Card-Set, 13 Cards, 4" x 6"
    Every Minute Counts: Whole Group, Virtual Tool, 13 Pages

    The Every Minute Counts Bundle was produced and is maintained by the Strategic Instruction team at Region 13.

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