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ELPS Observation Guide (spiral-bound)

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Conduct observations that are tailored to the specific needs of teachers serving students acquiring English.

Instructional leaders must be able to discern quickly whether teachers of English Learners (ELs) are delivering instruction that meets student needs. The ELPS Observation guide helps administrators, instructional coaches, department chairs, and other instructional leaders do exactly that. The guide includes:

  • Observation templates aligned to the 7 key components of sheltered instruction - both paper-based electronic versions included.
  • Targeted questions that serve to guide observation debriefs with teachers.
  • QR codes linked to videos that showcase model lessons.
  • Reflections and self-assessment forms for teachers that can be used to designate key areas for support.

The ELPS Observation Guide is fully functional as a standalone resource, but to enhance its effectiveness, it’s recommended to serve as a companion tool to the ELPS Toolkit.



The ELPS Observation Guide was produced and is maintained by the team of Bilingual & ESL Specialists at Region 13.
As one of this team’s core offerings, each member of the Bilingual/ESL team is well equipped to deliver workshops to instructional leaders seeking to implement the contents of the guide. Workshops are offered at the ESC several times a year - listings can be found on Region 13’s eCampus site.  

For districts/campuses interested in scheduling workshops for your teachers at your campus, contact our team at to explore a discounted rate.

Spiral-bound, 55 pages 

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