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ELPS Observation Guide (Spiral-Bound)

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The ELPS Observation Guide helps instructional leaders develop teachers who serve English Learners. The guide includes:

  • Observation templates aligned to the 7 key components of Sheltered Instruction.
  • Tools to help  teachers identify key areas for support.
  • Suggestions on how to  design observation cycles.
  • Sample questions to help guide observation debriefs.
  • Links that go directly to videos showcasing model lessons.

To maximize effectiveness, pair the guide with the ELPS Toolkit and ensure teachers have plenty of options when working to improve their instruction.


ESF Alignment

Supports Lever 5.2 - Build teachers capacity through observation and feedback cycles


Spiral-bound, 55 pages 
The ELPS Observation Guide was produced and is maintained by the team of Bilingual & ESL Specialists at Region 13.

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