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DMAC Community Canvas Course (Online Course Bulk Purchasing)

DMAC Community Canvas Course (Online Course Bulk Purchasing)

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This self-directed online course will guide you through how to create the new STAAR item types for online assessment. Modules will include a journey from the creation of an assessment to online proctoring and analysis of the results.

Earn your item type expert badge for each assessment item type along the way. As you grow in your expertise, apply your brain power to influence teachers and administrators to use DMAC to the max!

Become a DMAC Influencer and we will award you the DMAC Influencer badge. Display it proudly on your e-mail signature and online sites. 

Discounts are available for federal and state-identified campuses/districts and group registration. Campus group registration discounts are also available. Contact Dixie Binford at for more information.

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