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Data Dig Protocol - (Campus License to Tool + Onboarding, Training & Support)

Data Dig Protocol - (Campus License to Tool + Onboarding, Training & Support)

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    For ease of use across teacher teams, the Data Dig Protocol Tool product is built in Google Sheets.

    The Data Dig Protocol is a turnkey data analysis system, designed to facilitate collaboration between teachers on common assessments by helping them dive into specific Student Expectations (SEs), analyze findings, and ultimately, adjust instruction to improve student performance. 

    Teachers import their individual data (pulled from Eduphoria or DMAC) for the specified assessment, which is then displayed on the Dashboard for collaboration in a PLC or subject area meeting.

    The Data Dig Protocol includes:

    • Onboard training by Region 13's Leadership Support Team
    • A half-day workshop designed to train teachers in how to use the Data Dig Protocol tool.
    • Versions compatible with data exports from Eduphoria or DMAC, with:
      • Individual Teacher tabs.
      • Color-coding to easily spot the highs and lows on student performance data.
      • Teacher prompts for reflection, and next steps to help the collaborative discussion.
      • An At-A-Glance Dashboard that pulls all relevant data from each teacher for an overall picture.

    Teachers and administrators will benefit from using the Data Dig Protocol Tool by having a shared, common tool for discussing specific data relevant to student performance on local assessments.


    ESF Alignment

    Supports Lever 5.3 - Data-driven instruction


    Digital download to Google Sheets spreadsheets - compatible with Eduphoria or DMAC (separate versions based on platform). Onboard session and 1/2 day training to be scheduled post-purchase.


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