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Leadership Coaching Sessions

Leadership Coaching Sessions

Leadership coaching sessions are typically $150 per session with a recommended minimum of six session.


Leadership Coaching provides a structured and trusting partnership to support leaders in fast-paced, decision making roles. Coaching is tailored to individual needs and opens the leader to recognize pivotal times for achieving personal and organizational goals. A professional leadership coach supports the leader in everyday decision making, long-range planning, and just-in-time leadership solutions.

Current circumstances place additional pressure on campus leaders to support students, staff, and your communities. Our coaches are here to serve as problem-solving partners for you!

2020-21 Pricing Package

Initial Coaching Session is Free of Charge

6 One Hour Sessions @ $150 = $900

12 One Hour Sessions with Discount = $1600 ($200 Discount!)


Bundled services for multiple clients are available at a reduced fee.
Note: Your district/campus may be eligible to ulitize state or federal funding resources for coaching sessions.

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