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Check for Understanding

Check for Understanding

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The Check for Understanding tool includes over 60 formative assessment strategies in face-to-face and virtual platforms! 

These strategies are intended for classroom use in face-to-face, synchronous (live streaming), and asynchronous (online self-paced) learning environments. Each one provides teachers with meaningful data about just how much students understand about recently covered content. The cards include:

  • Over 60 formative assessment strategies, split into three categories that correspond to Bloom's Taxonomy.
  • Surface cards build student ability to remember and understand content.
  • Deep cards build student ability to apply and analyze content.
  • Transfer cards build student ability to evaluate and create using content.
  • New! The Check for Understanding Virtual Tool - recommendations and guidance in how to implement strategies in the virtual environment.

The Check for Understanding card-set and virtual tool empower teachers by providing new and exciting means of collecting the data they need to monitor and adjust instruction appropriately.


ESF Alignment

Supports Lever 5.1 - Effective classroom routines and instructional strategies


Set of 61 cards, plus instructions. Cards are approximately 4" x 6".
Virtual Tool (Interactive PDF), 56 pages.

Check for Understanding was produced and is maintained by the Strategic Instruction team at Region 13.

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