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Cards for Coaching: Equity Edition (Set of Cards)

Cards for Coaching: Equity Edition (Set of Cards)

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We define coaching for equity as a partnership with teachers that prioritizes, humanizes, and values all students and their learning. We believe in our responsibility to provide a high-quality and nurturing education and to ensure all students have opportunities to reach their full potential.

We acknowledge that this is difficult work. One must be willing to look inward at his/her/their own identity and how that influences practice. It requires us to be vulnerable and to engage in learning and evolving, not for a destination but the journey to greater awareness and agency. We are on this journey, too,  and are limited by personal experiences, cultural identities, and positioning.

Cards for Coaching Equity is a product to support all educators in their growth in awareness and conversational skills, using paraphrasing and questioning, and in their confidence to approach and not shy away from these kinds of scenarios.

In this version of Cards for Coaching, we have included both question stems and paraphrase stems to begin conversations with teachers. While questioning can further thinking and dialogue, we believe paraphrasing is an essential coaching skill to make others feel valued and heard and as a tool to clarify interpretations and deepen connections.

What's included?

  • Question cards (including a few humor cards meant to lighten the mood)
  • Scenario cards
  • Coach It Up cards
  • Collective Commitments foldable
  • Instructions

All come in a clear, plastic zipper pouch for convenient storage.


Support Lever 3.1 - Compelling and aligned vision, mission, goals, values focused on a safe environment and high expectations.



Cards for Coaching: Equity Edition was produced and is maintained by the team of Instructional Coaching Specialists at Region 13.

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