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Advancing Educational Leadership (AEL) Participant Guide (Spiral-Bound)

Advancing Educational Leadership (AEL) Participant Guide (Spiral-Bound)

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The Advancing Educational Leadership (AEL) Participant Guide paces learners' progress in the AEL three-day training course.

The AEL learning experience is designed for novice and seasoned leaders to learn with and from each other throughout the three day course. In this way, all participants gain a deeper understanding of leadership skills and leave with practical steps and tools that can be quickly transferred to the real world.

The AEL Participant Guide was specifically crafted to enhance the AEL experience, as both a reference and note-taking tool for learners. The guide includes:

  • The sequence and schedule of each day of training.
  • Sections to jot down notes and reflections of what has been learned.
  • Action planning templates.
  • All course readings, informational graphics, video descriptions, biographies of featured school leaders, and relevant source references.
  • A tools matrix to keep track of all the protocols and activities experienced in the training.  


ESF Alignment

Supports Lever 1.1 - Develop campus instructional leaders (principal, assistant principal, teacher leaders) with clear roles and responsibilities


Spiral-bound, 95 pages

The Advancing Educational Leadership (AEL) Participant Guide was produced and is maintained by the Statewide Leadership Initiatives department at Region 13.

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