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Active Engagement Bundle - Teaching Essentials (Card-Set)

Active Engagement Bundle - Teaching Essentials (Card-Set)

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The Active Engagement Bundle includes three sets of cards developed to empower teachers with ready-made activities that incorporate reading, writing, and active responses into classroom instruction. They are relevant across all grade levels and content areas. The included cards are:

  • Active Reading Strategies - Includes reading activities designed to increased comprehension before, during, and after reading.
  • Dynamic Writing Activities - Provides ideas that go beyond typical writing assignments, supports daily writing in the classroom, and stirs the imagination of all students.
  • Active Response Cards – Get 100% of your students to respond to questions and engage in conversations through verbal, written, and movement-related responses. 

Active Reading, Card-Set, 16 Cards, 3" x 8"
Dynamic Writing, Card-Set,  12 Cards, 3" x 8"
Active Responses, Card-Set, 20 Cards, 3" x 8"

The Active Engagement Teaching Bundle was produced and is maintained by the Strategic Instruction team at Region 13.

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