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FACTastic Math Strategy System: Multiplication/Division (Set of Cards and Spiral-Bound Teacher's Guide)

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FACTastic Math Strategy System: Multiplication/Division makes the basic instruction of multiplication and division for elementary-aged students more fun, while increasing true knowledge and fluency.

Our FACTastic Math Strategy System is a comprehensive program for teaching basic math facts through strategy-based instruction to build the flexible thinking and solid mathematical foundation that are critical for their success. The system includes:

  • Model lessons that suggest how to teach each strategy through hands-on use of physical objects and visuals.
  • Strategies and cards based on research that shows how concrete and visual representations can build students’ subject matter fluency.
  • The FACTastic Teacher's Guide to walk teachers through the teaching of each strategy by emphasizing key points.
  • Examples of think-aloud techniques in the Teacher's Guide.


ESF Alignment

Supports Lever 5.1 - Effective classroom routines and instructional strategies


  • FACTastic strategy cards (12 sets, 248 cards)
  • Teacher's guide, spiral-bound (22 pages)
  • Progress monitoring tool, downloadable PDF (204 pages)
  • FACTastic strategy cards instructional video series
  • free resources

    FACTastic Math Strategy System was produced and is maintained in collaboration with Region 13's Special Education team and experts from the field.

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