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2016 Understanding the Full Individual Evaluation (Downloadable PDF)

2016 Understanding the Full Individual Evaluation (Downloadable PDF)

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The purpose of a Full Individual Evaluation (FIE) is to tell the educational story of the student you are evaluating. This tool will guide Educational Diagnosticians, LSSPs, and SLPs in obtaining a comprehensive picture of a student’s strengths and weaknesses that tells the educational story of the child.

It addresses general guidelines of the requirements of an FIE and includes a review of the assessment tools and strategies that may be used to gather functional, developmental, and academic information. After reading this book, you will be able to create a report that tells a child’s educational story which will lead to a useful and defensible full individual evaluation.   

This product supports T-TESS domain 4 and assists evaluation staff, administrators, teachers and SLPs with support of professional practices and responsibilities.


Understanding the Full and Individual Evaluation (FIE) was produced by Joy Hunsucker. Joy is a Special Education Specialist at Region 13. She has 36 years of experience in special education as a preschool teacher, Speech/Language Pathologist, and an Educational Diagnostician. She believes the goal of all FIE reports should be to assist schools and parents in creating a plan that ultimately leads to success for the student. Joy has provided presentations regarding the evaluation of students for special education eligibility and other related issues to schools, parent groups, state agencies and state conferences. She believes when an FIE report is read, the parent should be able to say, “this describes my child perfectly”, and a teacher should be able to say, “I know what to do for this child.”

Downloadable PDF, 30 pages




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