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Texas Student Data Systems (TSDS) PEIMS Cooperative ('23-'24 Services)

Texas Student Data Systems (TSDS) PEIMS Cooperative ('23-'24 Services)

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Pricing for the TSDS PEIMS Coop starts at $5000. For a quote on this service, please add this item to your cart and Request a Quote (available when viewing your cart), and a member of our team will assist you. Alternatively, reach out to Michael Naber for more information.

Region 13's Texas Student Data System (TSDS) PEIMS Cooperative provides in-depth and timely information on PEIMS and other TSDS submissions.

Our team will keep you updated on critical issues, and provide training throughout the year on PEIMS and TSDS application related topics. We provide technical support via phone, webinars, and emails, and also provide ongoing oversight and guidance related to PEIMS and TSDS applications and support for school district officials who are assigned to a TSDS role.

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