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Signing Exact English - Affix Supplemental

Signing Exact English - Affix Supplemental

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The Signing Exact English Using Affixes supplemental resource allows you to present English in a signed form with vocabulary altered by including affixes to your sign production. This resource is a catalog of signed vocabulary extended by prefixes, suffixes, contractions, and tenses.

The SEE Using Affixes resource will allow users of SEE to expand their English through the air communication by incorporating the use of affixes into their sign production. This catalog provides a ready reference for signs that users can create from base signs using affixes. Using affixes will allow the communicator to expand their vocabulary from the original 4,400 words in the Signing Exact English Dictionary to roughly 60,000 words. 

The Signing Exact English Using Affixes supplemental includes:

  • picture representations and written descriptions for forming the signs for eighty-seven English prefixes and suffixes.
  • a list of SEE vocabulary (base word) comprised of commonly used spoken English words and words primarily found in written form.
  • SEE base words paired with every applicable affix for each word.
  • representation of words that users can create with the affixes.
  • guidance in how to effectively and naturally add affixes in sign communication.

Pair the SEE Using Affixes resource with the SEE softcover or pocket-size dictionary to maximize effectiveness. 



The Signing Exact English Using Affixes was originally produced by The SEE Center in Los Alamitos, CA, and is maintained by The SEE Center at ESC Region 13.

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