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FACTastic Math Progress Monitoring: Multiplication/Division (Spiral-Bound)

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Use this supplemental resource to monitor your elementary-age students' progress learning the basics of multiplication and division using the FACTastic Math Strategy System.

This product aligns to T-TESS dimensions 1.1, 1.4, 2.2 and assists mathematics teachers with planning and instruction.


FACTastic Progress Monitoring was produced by JC Sanders, an Education Specialist for Special Education at Region 13. JC Sanders has a passion for math education for students with disabilities. As a special education teacher in elementary and middle school math classrooms, JC saw first-hand the struggles that many students faced on a regular basis when they did not have mastery of the basic math facts. As a research associate, she worked on grade 3 and 4 math intervention lessons to help strength students’ with whole number computation. Combining her experience in the classroom and in the world of research, JC has developed the FACTastic Math Strategy System to help students with and without disabilities find success in their math classrooms.

Spiral-bound, 204 pages

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