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2023 Prekindergarten Center Alignment Posters (Set of 11)

2023 Prekindergarten Center Alignment Posters (Set of 11)

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Use the 2023 Prekindergarten Center Alignment Posters to show how your Pre-K classroom learning centers align with current best practices and Pre-k Guidelines. Center play is learning!

Each of these 11 full-color posters:

  • aligns with one of the major learning centers recommended for the Pre-K classroom.
  • explains the skills targeted for the associated learning center.
  • references Pre-K guidelines across multiple domains that can be practiced while playing in each center.
  • provides open-ended questions to help you start meaningful play interactions.

These posters are appropriate for Pre-K early childhood, ECSE, Head Start, and childcare centers. They are also available in a Spanish language version.


ESF Alignment

Supports Lever 5.1 - Effective classroom routines and instructional strategies


11 full-color posters

2023 Prekindergarten Alignment Posters were produced and are maintained by the Special Education Specialists at Region 13.

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