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Advancing Educational Leadership (AEL) Trainer Kit

Advancing Educational Leadership (AEL) Trainer Kit

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Must be a certified AEL trainer to purchase. Go here for more information on becoming a certified AEL trainer.

The AEL Trainer Kit provides certified AEL trainers a simple way to prepare for AEL training. The kit includes all the materials necessary to deliver the 3-day AEL training, including reusable activity cards and table tents - cut, laminated, and sorted for you! It also includes a Trainer Guide and Participant Guide.

With this kit, the organization of training materials is done! Trainers can focus preparation on the content of AEL, instead of the daunting task of downloading, printing, counting and sorting materials.


ESF Alignment

Supports Lever 1.1 - Develop campus instructional leaders (principal, assistant principal, teacher leaders) with clear roles and responsibilities


  • AEL Trainer Guide
  • AEL Participant Guide
  • AEL Tote Bag for training materials
  • AEL Welcome Activity Cards: 2 sets of 20 cards
  • AEL Compass Point Table Tents: 2 sets of 4 versions
  • AEL Kaleidoscope Activity Cards: 4 sets of 12 versions
  • AEL World
  • Café Cards: 2 sets of the 3 different themes
  • AEL Conceptual Framework Table Tent: 1 set of 30 (you can order more of these for subsequent trainings here)
  • AEL World Café Table Tents: 2 sets of 3 versions
  • AEL Chalk Talk: 2 sets of 4 versions
  • AEL Coaching Consultants: 2 sets of 6 versions
  • AEL Themed Table Tents 2 sets of 5 versions
  • NOTE: Item not included: Compass Points Protocol. You can find this here on the AEL website.
  • NOTE: Item not included: AEL Conceptual Framework Poster

Advancing Educational Leadership (AEL) Trainer Kit was developed by Region 13 ESC’s Statewide Leadership Initiatives department.

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