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2017 Prekindergarten Alignment Posters (Set of 10)

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These posters have been updated to the current Pre-K GuidelinesCreate Pre-K classroom learning centers that align with current best practices. 

Each of these 10 full-color posters aligns with one of the major learning centers recommended for the Pre-K classroom.

Each poster explains the skills targeted for the associated learning center, and provides open-ended questions to help you start meaningful play interactions.

These posters are appropriate for Pre-K early childhood, PPCD, Head Start, and childcare centers. They are also available in a Spanish language version.

This product supports T-TESS domains 1, 2, & 3 and assists PreK teachers with planning, instruction, and learning environment.


Prekindergarten Alignment Posters were produced by the Special Education instructional experts Education Service Center Region 13, leading professionals in Texas public school education collaboration and support.

10 full-color posters

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