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Literary Writing Adventure Boards (instructional classroom set)

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Write imaginative, well-constructed literary stories using a flexible support for all types of student authors while deepening understanding of the literary genre.

AdventureBoards is a set of storyboards paired with literary concept-building icons on which students create and recreate literary texts. The instructional components facilitate the reading and writing connection through annotation of mentor pieces and adventurous plot construction using the basic and optional icons in the set. Students self-differentiate deepening levels of plot sophistication by adding or limiting icons and exploring various text options. This highly motivating and tactile system creates a classroom that fosters collaborative thinking about authors’ craft while equally supporting individualized learning through use of the system. The AdventureBoard can be used with all levels and ages of student writers to make enthusiastic scholars who view themselves as writers.


  • Teacher Guide Booklet (36 pages)
  • Teacher AdventureBoard (17x34 in laminated poster)
  • Teacher Icons (18 reusable decals)
  • Student AdventureBoard (set of 10 - 17x11 in laminated posters)
  • Student Icons (set of 10 - 18 reusable decals)
  • Folder to store Student AdventureBoards and Icons
Writing AdventureBoards was developed by Dana Ellis. She has worked up close and personal with student writers throughout her professional career. She has classroom ELAR experience with primary, intermediate, middle school, and high school levels. She has worked in a rural, urban and suburban districts. She has taught sheltered English to shy newcomer English Language Learners and language arts to eager, but struggling elementary students. The types of students differed greatly; however, the heart of her mission remained the same – to give students a voice and impart the joy of communicating through writing. In her current role as a state writing instructional coach, she expands her influence to include teachers and a whole host of borrowed students. Her knowledge, work, and experience have taught her that all students have a story to tell. She is passionate about helping each one to find a way to share that story through tools like the AdventureBoard and good old-fashioned encouragement. She constantly looks for solutions to the writing roadblocks facing teachers and learners. When she can’t find just the right tool, she creates it!