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Administrator's Quick Guide to Dyslexia Services (downloadable PDF)

Administrator's Quick Guide to Dyslexia Services (downloadable PDF)

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Understand dyslexia and the legal and legislative requirements around it that you as an education administrator are responsible for.

This digital ebook provides education administrators with a practical overview, both about dyslexia itself, and how it impacts an administrator's job. You'll gain valuable insight, such as how to collaborate with parents of children with dyslexia.

The ebook includes multiple tools and resources, including a chart to monitor the evidence-based components of dyslexia.

Please purchase a license for each educator/administrator who will be using this resource. For example, if I need this resource for 3 administrators, I would enter 3 into the quantity. Please reach out with any questions about this process. 


Administrator's Quick Guide to Dyslexia services was produced by Katharine Muller. Katharine is a Bilingual/Dyslexia Evaluation and Data Specialist with ESC Region 13. She is a certified bilingual teacher and educational diagnostician as well as an experienced district-level administrator for special programs including dyslexia services.

Downloadable PDF, 26 pages