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Click-On TEKS 2.0 - Grade 4 Math (Downloadable PDF)

Click-On TEKS 2.0 - Grade 4 Math (Downloadable PDF)

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Click-On TEKS 2.0 is the interactive tool that helps teachers better understand how to teach the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS). 

Click-On TEKS Elementary: Grade 4 Math guides teachers through the latest math standards for 4th grade and makes incorporating them into lesson planning simple. It includes: 

  • An interactive PDF (print-friendly) that functions on both computer and iPad.
  • Detailed explanations of student expectations. 
  • Suggestions for activities to bring the Math TEKS alive for students.
  • Updated STAAR assessment guidelines.


ESF Alignment

Supports Lever 4.1 - Curriculum and interim assessments aligned to TEKS with a year-long scope and sequence


Downloadable PDF, 93 pages
Click-On TEKS was produced and is maintained by specialists on Region 13’s Curriculum and Instruction team

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