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Click-On TEKS Secondary: Grade 7 (Downloadable PDF)

Click-On TEKS Secondary: Grade 7 (Downloadable PDF)

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Teach the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) for seventh grade math with more rigor, clarity, and fun. Click-On TEKS is the interactive tool that makes it easy.

Click-On TEKS helps you understand the latest math standards and incorporate them into your lesson plans easily and effectively. The table of contents in this interactive PDF lists the student expectations outlined in the TEKS. Clicking on an entry will link to its explanation in the document. Many explanations also offer suggestions for exercises and activities that will help you bring the TEKS alive for your students.

The current editions of Click-On TEKS have been updated with STAAR assessment guidelines for the appropriate grade or section.

Click here to see what TEKS have been updated for 2016. If you purchased Grade 7 Click-On TEKS and have not received an updated file, just call us at 512.919.5247 and we will get them to you! 

Please purchase a license for each seventh grade teacher who will be using this resource. A site license is also available, allowing districts and schools to purchase Click-On TEKS for multiple 6th through 8th grade teachers at a 25% savings. For more information, please contact our customer support at 512-919-5247.

Download printable, quick reference TEKS, updated with STAAR assessment information for grades K - Alg. I


Click-On TEKS was produced by Carol Gautier. Carol is the founder of, a company dedicated to helping districts and math teachers with deep learning in mathematics. She is the author of Start Quick and Ramp It Up! series of instructional resources for elementary mathematics and the Click-On TEKS. She is the former mathematics supervisor of Austin ISD and Project Coordinator for Math and Science at ESC, Region 13.

Downloadable PDF, 72 pages

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